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Pursue Transformed These Bodies And Lives!

Brian Cherry has gone from the large version of himself in less than 16 weeks using Body Shred. He gained strength and lost body fat without losing muscle.

Lets see what Hugh Cha had to say...

Parker Hurley has used my programs and consulting for years. He's gone from the nerdy kid to People's Magazines Sexiest Model of the year 2014.

 Step #1: Pick The Body You Want

Not sure which program is right for you?

Answer a few simple questions, and the Pursue Fit Body Designer will match you with your personalized transformation plan!

Kevin Kreider Pursue, Owner and Trainer

“I don’t just believe you can have the body you want – I KNOW it. I was a skinny Asian kid who was constantly teased and bullied for my size. After years of anger and fear, I finally got in shape – largely by shunning foods I love and spending every day in the gym. No surprise: It didn’t last. Only after more years of life experience and an exercise science education did I learn how to look and feel great without sacrificing my favorite foods and my sanity – and you can, too. Pursue Fitness is like having your own trainer for a fraction of the cost. Pay once, and get access to our 24/7 online training program and tools forever!

For some it’s about losing weight. For others it’s about adding definition. For all of my clients, it’s about getting to their goals the smartest, most effective way possible, with a plan that fits your body type and your life. I want to help you find that plan and stick to it – for big results!”

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